Tag: Roof

  • Awning Structure

    Year: 2010 Category: Leisure Place: Addis Abeba Status: In progress A sunshade structure and an eye-catcher for a coffee bar in Addis Abeba. The awning is made of a woven acrylic fabric supported by a curved steel structure and is planned to be mounted on the façade of a new building.

  • Purple Strain

    Year: 2010 Category: Leisure Place: Neuburg an der Donau Status: Project The Project is a temporary canopy for the inner courtyard of the 16th century Neuburg Castle in the state of Bavaria (Germany), where numerous cultural events are being held every summer. The temporary roof would cover nearly half of the inner court and would […]

  • Prototype of an industrial shed

    Year: 2009 Category: Commercial Place: Anywhere Status: Project A design proposal of a modular grid shell structure prototype for industrial and agricultural uses. The solution consists of a flexible, low-cost and easy to assemble lightweight structure to accommodate most of the modern farming and manufacturing methods that require closed space, and that, in addition of […]

  • Cover of a Floating Stage

    Year: 2008 Category: Leisiure Place: Lake Lunz, Austria Status: Project A proposal for a light and foldable canopy over the temporary floating stage in Lake Lunz, that would provide protection from rain and shade from strong sun. When needed, the five fibreglass wings positioned behind the stage can open up, covering the entire area of […]

  • Shaded public space

    Year: 2008 Category: Public Place: Eilat Status: Project A 4800 m² tensile structure situated along the yachting marina of Eilat, a popular tourist resort located at the northern tip of the Red Sea, on the Gulf of Aqaba. The structure consists of an undulating highly reflective PTFE canopy, arranged on a metal frame, and is […]