Purple Strain

Year: 2010

Category: Leisure

Place: Neuburg an der Donau

Status: Project

The Project is a temporary canopy for the inner courtyard of the 16th century Neuburg Castle in the state of Bavaria (Germany), where numerous cultural events are being held every summer.

The temporary roof would cover nearly half of the inner court and would provide shelter to 600 spectators in case of rain.

This pneumatic structure consists of a double-layered cushion of PVC coated Polyester fabric mounted on a rigid tubular steel frame. Two cable-nets made of Polyurethane coated steel wires are laid over the two sides of the air-inflated membrane and arranged with a random mesh.

The combination of the two tension members – namely the membrane and the cable-net – and the internal pressure of the cushion generate strong deformations in the tensile fabric creating an organic-like form.

The iconic design with its sinuous forms and bubbly shapes produces a strong visual impact.

For its distinctive color and particular mechanical properties the project was nicknamed “Purple Strain” paraphrasing on the famous song “Purple Rain”.