Renovation of an old Townhouse in Verona

Year: 2014

Category: Residential

Place: Verona, Italy

Status: Completed

A complete architectural and structural renovation of a two-story townhouse in Verona, Italy.

This lovely turn-of-century house captures the style and spirit of the early 1900’s in Verona, and is listed for preservation for its architectural and historic value.

The refurbishment works consisted of the complete demolition and reconstruction of the building’s internal structure and roof, which we found in very poor state, while maintaining the external facades intact.

Our intention was to create an open and lofty internal space, and let in as much light as possible, by using only natural materials with bright and neutral tones. The daylight is softly distributed inside the house, resulting in a quiet and pleasant retreat from the external world, which conveys an airy combination of timeless aesthetics and uncompromising functionality, with great attention to details.

In this project, we intentionally chose to work only with materials, products and craftsmanship, which we could find locally in Verona and its immediate surroundings.