The Dandelion

Year: 2010

Category: Exhibition

Status: In progress

The design concept stems from the desire to convey the notion of freiraum – the German word for open-space, which also suggests open-mindedness, imagination, ideas, creativity, etc. The image of the Dandelion came up early in the design process as a metaphorical expression of this concept. The Dandelion is commonly associated with light, sun, spring and optimism. Its seeds blowing in the wind might be conceived as ideas and wishes carried away by air, disseminating their surroundings and spreading knowledge and hope.

Our intention, therefore, was to create an abstract yet tangible setting with very simple means that would deliver a sense of well-being, openness and pleasure.

The main feature of the display is a massive kinetic sculpture consisting of 64 motorized tulip umbrellas – 40 hexagonal and 24 pentagonal – of a diameter of about 1m. The sculpture could be suspended from the roof. The umbrellas open-up and close slowly and continuously like a living organism.

The display invites the visitors to sit down and relax for a while on the comfortable round couches, and enjoy the positive and uplifting atmosphere as they gaze at the moving installation.