Laboratorium Blum

Year: 2008

Category: Commercial

Place: Stuttgart

Status: Project

Engineering: Eng. Iago González Quelle, QL Ingeniría

A proposal for a new building for the Laboratorium Blum in Stuttgart, Germany – a technical institute specialized in performance testing and quality control of innovative fabric materials utilized in textile architecture.
The pneumatic enclosure consists of double layered air cushions arranged on a modular structure of repetitive 12x12m frames placed every 3m with a progressive rotation of 15 degrees. These modular elements allow us to maintain a reduced number of frame variations and have the same cutting patterns for a large number of air cushions.
The double layered air cushions are made of a white ETFE foil on the inside and a transparent one on the outside, this solution combines both good lighting conditions and efficient thermal isolation, providing high quality working environment.